Health Care Tips

  • Health Care Tips

Managing Chronic Health Conditions

Many of you have chronic health conditions that you have to live with day-to-day. Our goal is to assist you to learn to manage them within your own home and living area.

Below are websites that will provide you with information about chronic health conditions and what you can do to help manage them day-to-day.

Centers for Disease Control

Diseases and Conditions: Click Here

Department of Veterans Affairs Diseases and Conditions: Click Here

Medical Library: Click Here

Mayo Clinic Diseases and Conditions: Click Here

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) Health Topics: Click Here

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Health Topics: Click Here

National Institute of Mental Health-Health and Education: Click Here

WebMD Health Conditions: Click Here

World Health Organization Health Topics: Click Here

Questions to ask my physicians

  • Why am I having these symptoms/problems?
  • Is it possible that there is more than one issue causing my symptoms/problem(s)?
  • Are there any tests that can be done to determine what my problem(s) is or why I am having these symptoms?
  • What do these tests do?
  • What do I have to do to prepare for these tests?
  • Are these tests safe?
  • Now that I am diagnosed with this diagnosis, what does it mean for the short-term and long-term?
  • What are the treatment options available to me?
  • Is there one treatment that is more effective than the others?
  • What are the risks for each treatment or Do the benefits of each treatment outweigh the associated risks?
  • At what point should I contact you, if things aren’t getting better, or seem to be getting worse?
  • Are you or is there someone else available after hours, if I need to contact you regarding my diagnosis and/or treatment? How do I contact this person?
  • Are there any problems with taking these different medications together?
  • Are there problems with taking this new medication with all the other medication I take?
  • Is there any other information that I need to be aware of to help me better manage this condition?

Health and Wellness Sites

Health and wellness are important because we want you to feel and be at your best. No one likes to not feel good and eating healthy and completing activities that will make and keep you healthy will allow you to feel good.  Included are national websites that will give you tips on eating and getting healthy.

American Dietetic Association Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Click Here

American Heart Association

Centers for Disease Control Healthy Living: Click Here

Department of Veterans Affairs Healthy living Centers: Click Here

Mayo Clinic

National Heart, lung, and Blood Institute

National Institutes of Health – Health and Wellness: Click Here

United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service: Click Here

WebMD Living Healthy: Click Here